Explaining It To Your Parents

Today, a wonderful bit of linky courtesy of Graham Linehan’s tweet: Lernert and Sander’s How I Explain It To My Parents.

Aside from the excruciating memories that I’m sure this will bring to most people of explaining something, that you have spent hours of your time and passion on. to your parents who may be bemused about the whole thing; the films are a beautiful study of characters.

One room, two or three people talking about art. And yet, here we have complex back story that gently edges it’s way into the foreground while all parties skirt around how this creation of art is shaded by our upbringing.

The parents are all seated on chairs that are ever so slightly higher than that of their child’s, forcing both players to slowly fall from slightly equal status, back into their old roles …

My favourite is the exchange is between visual artist Arno Coenen and his father, especially the visual tableau when … well, you’ll see it soon.


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