So My Visa Expired

I’ve been home and I’ve moved again – from the shaky isles of NZ to the flood plains of Australia … wherever I go nature seems to have left her mark be it the volcanic ash that almost stopped my flight back into London; the snow that almost stopped my flight out of London; the floods that engulfed my home town to be before I arrived or the earthquake that shook the mountains of my homeland after I left.

I wonder what the universe is trying to tell me?

In the meantime, I am slowly finding my way in a new town.The writing has mostly been for other people’s projects and has been plentiful and my own projects seem to have taken on a new life when I have time. As usual, I am also trying to find a way to convince people that I would be the most awesome employee in the whole friggin planet™. It’s only week 2 but the hunt has not been going so well … at times I rue my decision to leave Beloved in dirty London town when my visa expired – he’s so far away and skype, when only one party has a camera, doesn’t cut it.  Today I’ve fought a bank, wordpress eating half of this post and my own self doubt.

Have to count the good things, have to remember it’s only been two weeks.

Dear Universe, please keep your fingers crossed for me, I need some help picking myself up and dusting myself off now and then.  Or a cuddle.  I could really do with one of those too.


5 thoughts on “So My Visa Expired


    its like when you’re watching a film and the two characters totally both want to pash but they’re too shy to say anything

    only one of the characters is the universe

    and it’s totally platonic

  2. PS – I also appreciate your attempts to put comments on my blog – damn thing seems to be most disagreeable to many who want to do so! Sads. it makes it look lonely!

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