Beyond The Pie [UPDATED]

So after yesterday’s angsty post, I did what I do best- sought out food to drown, or rather consume, my sorrows.

Unfortunately good food is not the easiest to find or remember in a rage, so I have decided to add to my procrastination and collect my cheap eat exploits over at Beyond The Pie … No doubt the non writing angst will go that way too …

UPDATE: So a little over a year later, I deleted the blog. It had all of 3 posts which goes to show, when you are really dirt poor there aren’t any cheap eats to be had in Brisbane that aren’t your usual rubbish, fast food fare (though I will say it now, it rubbish, fast food is delicious).

Instead on every Friday, Sam and I write up a menu for the week and only shop for those ingredients. When I had a normal office job, I would increase the portion of rice or noodles or lettuce and take the leftovers for lunch the next day. It was healthier and cheaper than any take out near my office (which itself was in the middle of no where). Since freelancing, Sam (who works in the business underneath our house – best commute ever) and I make lunch our main meal of the day and only have a few snacks in the evening if we’re hungry. It has stretched our limited pennies super far. If we were still in London or Singapore, the story would be different. Sadly, we’re not and street food doesn’t really exist in Brisbane yet. Maybe when we chuck in this whole filmmaking lark, we’ll buy ourselves a catering van and start a street food revolution in our back yard.


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