So About That Libretto …

One regular critique we used to get at school was “stop prefacing your script, stop apologising for your work”.

Guess what I’m about to do? I’ll try my best not to apologise …

I’ve been in a bit of a dump over my writing lately, things that were looking promising career wise last year have all fallen over in a matter of months. It’s the nature of the (film and TV) game, I know. But coupled with some day job difficulties, it’s been a horribly trying few months. I know I said this blog was meant to be slightly different from Maupuia Masala, but I think chronicling the shit times you have in a creative career are important too.

So with nothing to show for the work I’ve been doing over the last year, I jumped at the opportunity to try something different. So I read the stories and Neil Gaiman’s sparked something immediately.

I thought about why the Sweeper existed. Why was he the one chosen to be in charge of cleaning away dreams? This segued into a bastardisation of the Orpheus story with a touch of mine and Sam’s immigration saga from the Masala days, for good measure.

My hope is that it has shaken some ideas out of my subconsciousness and as nothing else is likely to happen with it (given the huge number of entries which were also inspired by the same short story), there are at least the seeds of a short film in there.

A good part of me feels I could do better with it. I was a little lost at sea with how to write a libretto. My experience of a full opera is more Philip Glass, Robert LePage and, er, Stewart Lee than Bizet or Strauss.

I’m also a bit embarrassed to even put this out on the blog when I have a bunch of friends who are in actually from that world of opera and here’s me making a bit of a ham-fisted job about it. I haven’t even mentioned it on twitter. That’s how self conscious I feel about it.

Anyway, it’s done now. You can all see it below. *sigh*

If you ever see this Erin (or indeed fellow Cohort 5ers who had her as a tutor), apologies for the apologies. Ok, I’m going to stop typing now.


One thought on “So About That Libretto …

  1. Awww, babe, it sounds like it’s been a tough year : ( Good on you for trying this though, sometimes jumping into a totally unfamiliar area, it can be really refreshing and invigorating! I can’t wait to see how it’s been going šŸ˜€

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