Spreading myself thin …

So during a misguided effort to bump up my social marketing credentials, I signed up to Pinterest (gah!).

It has taken me forever to get my head around. I’m not really a collector of objects; I struggle at collecting images in any sense for my work and research journals (I prefer the dream-state and flaws of memories); and I’m not into scrapbooking – I don’t get the point.

However, I have found a handy use for it after all – a viewing journal. I’m lucky enough to see a lot of films even though I’m broke – Beloved is a film journalist and my Writers’ Guild (yes, I finally joined the union) and film memberships get me into a lot of screenings for free. And Pinterest’s interface and layout allows me to see everything on one page, far easier than flicking through blog, Tumblr and diary pages.

This year, I’ve restricted it to in cinema screenings only. Next year, it will be every film I see – big screen or small. If you are interested in these sorts of things at all and want to see what I’m watching, you can find my Pinterest boards here. (If someone can figure out where the rss feed is for it, please let me know!)
Found it! Links on the side bar there ->

In the meanwhile, I will slowly finish these 30 Days of Film (next up, sports movies!) … but real life (or applying for jobs and writing spec scripts) is getting in the way of blogging. This is a good thing, but it does mean that my blogging is erratic at best. Sorry.

See you somewhere online.


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