2 days in …

2 days in ...

Forcing myself to think of something new and unrelated to my current work is proving fruitful (if not frightening as I face an empty page that must be filled every day).

A lot of it is going to be shit, let’s be honest, however I hope that by colour coding it all for later reference I may be able to salvage a scrap or two to spark another idea.

One of my biggest fears as a writer, is finding my work to be derivative of someone else’s. Of course it will happen from time to time. Looking back at my earlier stuff, I can see myself poorly aping the style of Monty Python or Terry Pratchett, later I appeared to be aiming for the work of absurdist playwrights of the 1950s via Tom Stoppard. Today as I was writing, I started noting where and when I had seen a similar idea, theme, and style (be it book, game, or film) – at first it was a little bit horrifying but then I guess a pre first draft brain dump is always going to be derived from your environment.

I’m hoping that when I go back to this in a year or two, my long term memory will be able to find something useful in there to make it fresh and original.

Really hope.


One thought on “2 days in …

  1. Good luck! Yes, unfortunately when it comes to writing most of what you’ll put down is crap, ha ha! But it’s the gems among the chaff that make it worth it : ) Also funny to see your influences so clearly looking back eh! Hope it’s going well x

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