Home again, home again, jiggity jig …

Well, it wasn’t the ideal scenario but there we have it – I’ve accepted an offer for a short contract, back in the land of my birth until the end of May.

So to Wellington I go sans Beloved; it will be our third time long distance – I guess three months is not as bad as seven (our previous record).

If I have to leave for economic reasons, my only happiness is that I’m going to a city with friends that I love, to a job that I love, in an industry that I love, with not even the slightest hint of marketing in my job title/description (marketing I do not love).

It is poorly paid, but it is paid which is more than I can get in Brisbane right now. I hope when I come back I’ll have better luck to beat the other 150-200 people applying for the same job.

I have a six week break from looking for work and I am determined to use that time wisely:

  •  Wellington friends, we should catch up. I can’t really afford to do cafés or cheap restaurants, so maybe a pot luck dinner/afternoon tea? My one luxury I will allow myself is a movie ticket on a Tuesday (oh woe for not having access to Beloved’s free media screenings for the three months during summer blockbuster season), so if you’d like to join me I would welcome the company.
  • I have six weeks to finish a new short film, and either a feature film or multi platform game treatment. Yes. Game treatment. I probably should give you a call, Morgue …
  • I have six weeks where in my spare time I can help on anyone’s film production. If anyone needs a runner, call me!

Hopefully this period can be one of renewal, a chance to wash myself clean of the bad luck that has hung around me for the last year, a time to remember that I am actually employable and not really hopeless.

I will return, Brisbane. And I will beat you.


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