So how did that work out for you?

Well the year of ideas is nearly at an end. I have one more page to fill …


– lots of new, actual usable ideas that will see me going for a long while yet
– training myself to come up with a new idea every day has made me more alert to my environment and finding new stories to tell, new people to talk about. It’s a big step for someone who, not so long ago, suffered from writer’s block.

– oh dude, EVERY DAY? No one has a good idea every day, and mental constipation was definitely a problem – there are a good 200 pages of utter rubbish in there at least.
– yeah, there were days missed. In one case a whole month where work and cinema life left me too tired to give more time to writing after family. It’s something I’ll have to learn to overcome when I next work full time …
– an idea a day sounds like a great idea at first … but when you get a real pearl there’s no time to develop it as you need to think of the new idea. Sure I can go back, but I wonder if the magic that I found in the original idea will be rediscovered (especially if I did not note it down properly).

– oh the importance of a good pen and note book. Ugly notebooks make for ugly writing. Not just aesthetically but content-wise as well.
– hand written ideas are better than typed ones. I thought a tablet would free me to write whatever I want, wherever I pleased. All it’s done is to distract me further with pretty lights. Pen to paper, or rather hand to pen, for me at least creates more of a connection from thought to action – it’s certainly easier to get inside of a character when you think about how they would write about themselves, the weight of the pen, the strokes etc. Something I must remember …

Yield (so far):
– one short film script
– beginnings of a game script
– beginnings of a closed television special

Would I do it again?

Oh god no.

Interesting as an exercise but I don’t think the output is worth more than me just carrying my notebook around as I used to. That said, dedicating time to write by hand in a notebook will help me more than not doing anything – so that’s something.


One thought on “So how did that work out for you?

  1. Great thoughts Sis, can totally relate to your comments about holding a pen and actually writing…. there’s something about sculpting a word / a paragraph that can actually only be captured by hand on pen, not to mention the emotion of the moment which comes out in the manner in which you have written the word / paragraph. All the best going forward… an idea a day tough – discipline I guess, also don’t forget the Praeto rule (80/20) – you need to get some volume to extract the 20% pure nuggets that you can then develop further …. xox

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