Midpoint – One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (book)

I told you I can be a slow reader (especially when unemployed – nights are spent doing job applications or stressing out about them, fingers-crossed everyone that it will be back to commuting reading soon!) …


Wrote the above sentence two weeks ago – I’m now about to start the last chapter of the book (part 4) …

Had a bundle of thoughts on the midpoint (lack of agency of coloured characters is from the book, as is the harpiness of the women, and Chief is a super unreliable narrator), which have all been turned 20 pages into the second half (yes, lack of agency, but perhaps indicative of the system? Chief is kind of self loathing so maybe it’s about that. The women have stopped being so harpy like though Ratched is still two-demensional. Chief is still pretty unreliable …)

I’ll probably be finished with the book in the next few days. Notes incoming …


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